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Gary says... Changing GP Practices becomes a Should I OR Shouldn't I dilemma.

Gary Says he like to talk about... Changing Practitioners and Health Clinics

Levin Family Health uses a whole team approach to model their intention to provide healthcare to patients within the local areas of Horowhenua, Foxton, Shannon, Otaki, Palmerston North, Waikanae, and Paraparaumu.

If you've recently moved or have decided to change practices for any reason, it is important to get registered as soon as possible. Before you make your selection, it is worth taking the time to check out different GP practices to find the one that best meets your needs.

There are many things to consider when choosing a GP but taking the time to research GP practices in your area and considering these options to help make the right decision.

There are many reasons to make a change but decide if the change is necessary.

Patients can change GP practices for any reason, such as: personal preferences, or after hearing about a specific service offered or because the new clinics team have great references.

  1. Location: Is the practice located in a convenient place for you to access? Is there public transportation or parking nearby?

  2. Opening hours: Does the practice offer appointments during times that work for you? Are they open on weekends or evenings?

  3. Services offered: Does the practice offer the services you need? For example, do they have a nurse practitioner or offer specialized clinics for certain conditions?

  4. Clinic-patient relationship: Do you feel comfortable with the doctor and staff at the practice? Do they listen to your concerns and take time to answer your questions?

  5. Online services: Does the practice offer online services such as booking appointments, ordering prescriptions, or accessing your medical records?

  6. Patient feedback: Have other patients had positive experiences with the practice? You can check online reviews or talk to friends and family who have experience with the practice.

  7. Taking the time to consider these factors and research your options can help you find a GP practice that meets your needs and helps you receive the best possible medical care.

Patient-doctor relationship and patient-clinic relationship are more important factors in choosing a medical centre for your healthcare – Levin Family Health has a Team Approach Model which ensures all patients are being focused on by all members of the health team. The potential of losing confidence in our GP or our Team means a great deal to us, therefore ensuring your journey is positive is our purpose.

Primary care teams are typically the first point of contact for patients seeking medical care and are responsible for providing comprehensive and continuous care throughout a patient's life. One of the key advantages of having a primary care team is the level of familiarity and trust that can develop between the clinic team and patient. Patients may feel more comfortable sharing personal and sensitive information with a team member who they have a longstanding relationship with, and this can help to ensure that their healthcare needs are met more effectively.

In addition to providing care for a broad range of medical issues, primary care teams also play an important role in preventive care, such as immunizations and screening for common health problems. By identifying and addressing health issues early on, primary care teams can help to prevent more serious health problems from developing down the line.

Overall, our primary care team is critical to the healthcare system, and their role in providing comprehensive and patient-centred care is essential for promoting good health outcomes and improving overall quality of life for patients.

It's important for patients to find a practice that suits their needs and preferences, as this can make a big difference in their overall healthcare experience, so, in addition to the factors mentioned above, patients may also want to consider whether their services are important to each prospective patient..

It's also important for patients to check whether the practice is accepting new patients, as some practices may have a waiting list or be at full capacity.

Once a patient has registered with a practice, it's important to keep their medical information up-to-date and inform the practice of any changes in their health or medication. This helps to ensure that the practice team has a complete picture of your health and can provide appropriate care.

Overall, finding the right practice is an important part of managing your health and wellbeing. By considering the factors that are important to you, you can make an informed decision and find a practice that meets your needs.