LEVIN FAMILY HEALTH - Open 1st August 2023

Enrolment and Fees– Whakaurunga & Utu

Please note that sending us your Patient Enrolment Form does not confirm your enrolment until the opening of the clinic.
Our Online Enrolment Form is now open as an alternative option

Online Enrolment

Once you complete this form, it will be automatically sent to the clinic for processing. You must upload documents as proof of identity and sign for proof of eligibility when filling out this form online. You can only proceed once all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are completed.

Please note, your enrolment form may be placed on hold due to a recent increase in registrations. We will endeavor to complete your enrolment as soon as possible. If you have not heard from us within 2-3 weeks, please contact us for an update.

Off-line Enrolment

You can download the forms you need here. Fill out your details then post your forms to PO Box 6, Levin 5540 or email to enrolment@levinfamilyhealth.co.nz. Alternatively, you can enrol in person at Levin Family Health with one form of ID when the clinic opens.

To complete the Form online: save the pdf to file, google PDFCandy, click editPDF - open the file and you can complete the enrolment form there. You will then be able to email the forms back.


Patients who would like to Sign-up to ManageMyHealth please discuss this with our Administration Staff once your enrolment is confirmed.

Fees - Utu

We have taken the initiative to make our clinic a CASHLESS payment system. Only Cards will be accepted as payment, some cards may incur a card fee.

Please be aware this is not a full list of our fees. All of our fees are for GP, NP and Nurse/NP consultations, regardless if it is a follow up appointment for a recurring issue, or to discuss test results.

GP standard consultations are 15 minutes, NP standard consultations are 20 minutes. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for longer consultations.

Our policy is one person per appointment and please be aware that all practitioners will attend to a maximum of 3 issues per visit depending on the issue at the time.

It is a condition of service that patients are to pay before they see the Nurse/PCPA, NP or GP.

If you are unable to pay your account on the day of your appointment, please talk to our accounts administrator about alternative payment arrangements. Automatic payment options are available.  

If you do not attend your appointment and do not notify us at least 2 hours prior, a fee will be charged. Our Doctors, NPs Nurses/PCPAs strive to run on time for appointments - please let us know if there are going to be delays in your arrival times.

Vaccinations and consumables are not always funded and may incur an additional cost. Please enquire if you are unsure. 

A casual patient is registered or enrolled at another practice. Casual patients must pay before they see the Nurse/PCPA, NP or doctor.

Medical Consultation Fees

Registered Patients

Child 0-13 - With & without CSC...FREE
Child 14-17 - With CSC...$13.00 - non-CSC...$42.00
Adult 18-64 - With CSC...$19.50 - non-CSC...$52.00
Adult 65+ - With CSC...$19.50 - non-CSC...$48.00

Extended Consultations - (per 5-minute extension) - With CSC...$10.00 - non-CSC...$15.00

Double Consultation - (Enrolled Only) - With CSC...$39.00 - non-CSC...$92.00

ManageMyHealth Portal Consultations with GP/NP:
As per the above charges

Telephone Consultation with GP/NP:
As per the above charges + $10.00 per extra 5 minutes

Virtual Consultation with GP/NP:
As per the above charges + $10.00 per extra 5 minutes

Casual Patients

Child 0-13 - With CSC...$25.00 - non-CSC...$30.00
Child 14-17 - With CSC...$50.00 - non-CSC...$60.00 
Adult 18-64 - With CSC...$85.00 - non-CSC...$95.00
Adult 65+ - With-CSC...$85.00 - non-CSC...$95.00

Afterhours Service Fees

Child 0-13 - With CSC...Free - non-CSC...Free 

Child 14-17 - With CSC...$60.00 - non-CSC...$75.00

Adult - With CSC...$85.00 - non-CSC...$100.00

ACC Child 0-13 - Free 

ACC Consult 14-17 - With CSC...$40.00 - non-CSC...$55.00

ACC Consult Adult - With CSC...$55.00 - non-CSC ...$65.00 


ACC Consultation Fees

Registered Patients

Child 0-13 - With & Without CSC...Free
Child 14-17 - With CSC... $19.50 or non-CSC... $25.00

18-64 - With CSC...$19.50 - non-CSC...$46.00
Adult 65+ - With CSC...$19.50 - non-CSC...$42.00          

Casual Patients

Child 0-13 - With or Without CSC...FREE           
Child 14-17 - With or Without CSC...$65.00        
Adult 18+ - With or Without CSC...$85.00                
Casual ACC Follow-up...$65.00

Overseas Visitor Fees

Medical Consultations

Consultation UNDER 14...$200.00
Consultation 15+...$250.00
After Hours Additional Fee...$65.00
After Hours Additional Fee UNDER 14...$45.00

ACC Consultations

Consultation UNDER 14...$175.00
Consultation 15+...$220.00
After Hours Additional Fee...$65.00
After Hours Additional Fee - UNDER 14...$45.00

Nurse/PCPA Consultation Fees

Registered Patients

Child 0-5...Free
Child 6-13...Free
Patient 14+...$20.00

Casual Patients - NZ Residents

Child 0-13...$35.00
Patient 14+...$39.00

Repeat Prescription Fees

Registered Patients

2 Days' Notice...$20.00
Urgent Same Day...$30.00
MMH Portal Prescription...$20.00

Casual Patients - NZ Residents

Casual Rates for Repeat Prescriptions...$40.00

Other Clinical Service Fees

Biopsy...From $150.00 

Blood Test...$22.00

BP Check...$20.00

Cervical Smear - (may be subject to funding) ...$32.00

Child Immunisations...Free

Diabetes: Consultation...$27.50 - Annual Review (may be subject to funding) ...$50.00

Dressings...From $30.00

Drivers Medical - Class 1...$80.00 - Heavy Goods...$110.00

ECG - (Electrocardiograph)...from $40.00 + Consultation Fee

Forms & Certificates - (will be completed outside of consultation time) ...$40.00

Full Skin Check...from $150.00

Home Visit per 15 minutes - (includes travel time) ...$70.00.

Infusions - (require a 45–60-minute appointment with a Nurse/PCPA) ...$40.00. 

Injections e.g., B12...Nurse/PCPA...$25.00 After GP...$10.00 - Series...$45.00

IV Access...$15.00

Liquid Nitrogen 1-3...$30.00 - 4-6...$40.00 - 7+...$50.00

Mini Ace Consultation - (Nurse/PCPA consultation - follow-up with GP is extra) ...$30.00.

Minor Surgery - (each case will be assessed separately) ...From $250.00

Other Medicals: (excluding Spirometry & ECG) ...From $250.00

Pre-Employment Medical - Requires double appointment with Nurse/PCPA Consultation first then GP/NP Consultation following...$100.00 - $400.00.

Rest Home Visits - Acute...$95.00 Admission...$95.00 Review...$55.00

Sexual Health - With GP/NP (Under 22 & High Needs Subject to funding) Enrolled Patient...$60.00 - Follow-Up Visit...$35.00 - Casual Visit...$82.00 - Casual Follow-up Visit...$60.00

Specialist Referral...$25.00

Suture Removal...$30.00

Vaccinations - (dependent on the Vaccine- these may have to be ordered in and are charged accordingly - please speak to a Nurse) ...From $90.00

Please note that the insertion or removal of a contraceptive device is charged separately depending on the procedure involved. 

Please make contact with our Medical Administration team on admin@levinfamilyhealth.co.nz - (or via ManageMyHealth Portal) to enquire about the prices associated with each procedure.