LEVIN FAMILY HEALTH - Open 1st August 2023

GP Consultations

Your General Practitioner (GP) is usually the first person to see if you have a health concern. GPs get to know you and your family over time and can provide care that’s right for you. GPs can treat a whole range of illnesses, provide health screening and give health advice for all ages. If you have multiple health needs, your GP can coordinate your care. It’s important to find a GP you trust and feel comfortable talking to.

Our GP/s have a team working alongside them to reassure, you the patient, are receiving focused care.

GP consultations at Levin Family Health can include prescribing and administering medications, performing minor surgery, making referrals to other health professionals, and providing treatment and health advice for long-term conditions.

Levin Family Health also offers medical certificates for various purposes, including government departments, insurance, and work agencies, as well as driving and employment medicals, diving certification, and pilot medicals. 

Payment is required before the completion of medical forms and on completion of consultations.

For driver’s license medicals, a separate appointment with a one of our clinical team before seeing the GP or Nurse Practitioner (NP) may be necessary to complete the process.