LEVIN FAMILY HEALTH - Open 1st August 2023

Mental Health

Managing mental health issues within New Zealand communities requires a comprehensive and integrated approach that involves various stakeholders. Levin Family Health highlights key strategies and initiatives for managing mental health issues within our communities.

  1. Accessible Mental Health Services: Ensuring accessible mental health services is crucial. This includes increasing the availability of mental health professionals, improving the coordination of services, reducing wait times, and promoting culturally responsive care.

  2. Community Support Networks: Building strong community support networks is essential for addressing mental health issues. This involves promoting awareness, reducing stigma, and establishing local support groups, helplines, and online resources.

  3. Early Intervention and Prevention: Emphasizing early intervention and prevention can help identify and address mental health issues before they escalate. This includes providing education and resources on mental health awareness, stress management, and resilience-building in schools, workplaces, and community settings.

  4. Cultural Sensitivity: Recognizing the diverse cultural backgrounds of individuals within NZ communities is crucial. Mental health services need to be culturally sensitive and inclusive, addressing the unique needs and experiences of different cultural groups, including Māori and Pacifica communities.

  5. Collaboration and Integration: Collaboration between healthcare providers, community organizations, and government agencies is vital for a holistic approach to mental health care. Integration of mental health services with primary care, social services, and other sectors ensures a comprehensive response to mental health issues.

  6. Support for Families and Whānau: Recognizing the impact of mental health issues on families and whānau, providing support and education to families is important. This may include counseling services, respite care, and family involvement in treatment planning.

  7. Suicide Prevention: Prioritizing suicide prevention efforts is crucial. This involves training individuals in suicide awareness and prevention, implementing crisis helplines, and providing timely access to mental health support during times of crisis.

Managing mental health issues within our communities requires a multifaceted approach. Accessible services, community support networks, early intervention, cultural sensitivity, collaboration, family support, and suicide prevention efforts are all essential components of an effective mental health management system. By implementing these strategies, communities can work towards promoting mental well-being, reducing stigma, and improving outcomes for individuals experiencing mental health issues.

Levin Family Health recognizes the importance of mental health and offers a range of services to support individuals who may be struggling with stress or other mental health issues. Our clinical team can provide advice and support, and may prescribe medication to help relieve symptoms. We also offer counselling services and group programs, as well as referrals to community support workers for those dealing with social or financial issues.

For those in need of more specialized support, we can refer onto various Community Support Teams that may offer funded psychiatry assessments, therapy packages, brief wellness advisor consults, health coaches, and group programs to help with mental and physical health problems. The team is staffed by psychologists and therapists who can offer support to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

There are two specific programmes patients can explore:

Aotearoa Mindfulness and Awareness Programme: A six-week course that integrates mindfulness meditation, Te Ao Māori, psychology, and medical science to promote overall wellness.

Self-management Education Programme: A six-week course that empowers individuals with long-term conditions (physical and/or mental health) to make decisions and enhance their quality of life with confidence. It provides self-management tools to support with action planning, problem-solving, and decision making, healthy eating, physical activity, and breathing techniques, and better understanding of one's health and wellbeing.

If you are struggling with stress or other mental health issues, please contact us to schedule an appointment and we will do our best to support you.