LEVIN FAMILY HEALTH - Open 1st August 2023

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment and drug screening are widely employed in New Zealand as part of the hiring process to assess the suitability of job applicants and identify potential substance abuse issues. The effectiveness of pre-employment and drug screening procedures, discussing their benefits, limitations, and impact on organizations and employees is crucial to creating a safer and healthy workspace for all.

Benefits of Pre-employment and Drug Screening: Pre-employment screening helps organizations verify the accuracy of applicants' information, such as qualifications, work experience, and references. It aids in identifying individuals who may not possess the required credentials or have a history of misconduct, reducing the risk of hiring inappropriate candidates. Drug screening, specifically, is crucial for safety-sensitive roles and industries where impairment due to substance abuse can pose significant risks to the employee, colleagues, and the general public. By detecting drug use, organizations can ensure a safer work environment and minimize potential liability.

Limitations and Challenges: While pre-employment and drug screening offer valuable benefits, they also have limitations. False negatives or positives can occur, compromising the accuracy of the screening process. Furthermore, drug testing methods may not capture recent drug use or certain substances. The cost and time associated with screening processes can also be a challenge, particularly for organizations with large applicant pools or for frequent testing requirements.

Balancing Privacy and Legal Considerations: Employers must navigate privacy and legal considerations when implementing pre-employment and drug screening procedures. Compliance with privacy laws, human rights legislation, and employment contracts is essential. Balancing the need for workplace safety and integrity with respect for individual privacy rights is crucial to ensure fairness and avoid discrimination.

Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement: The effectiveness of pre-employment and drug screening largely depends on the implementation of comprehensive policies and procedures. Regular evaluation and review of screening methods, including the selection of appropriate drug testing methodologies, can enhance effectiveness. Organizations should also provide clear communication to applicants about the screening process and establish a consistent and fair approach to screening decisions.

Pre-employment and drug screening procedures play a significant role in New Zealand's hiring process, providing organizations with valuable information and mitigating potential risks. While they have limitations, adopting thorough and well-designed screening protocols can enhance their effectiveness. Balancing legal requirements, privacy considerations, and workplace safety is vital for organizations seeking to utilize pre-employment and drug screening effectively to create safer work environments and make informed hiring decisions.

Levin Family Health provides comprehensive pre-employment health checks for companies. The team follows a computer-generated health assessment, medicals can be tailored to the requirements of the job, provided a job description is supplied. Results are kept on screen and the company receives a letter from Levin Family Health advising whether the person is fit or not fit for the position being applied. There is an extra cost for time required for medicals requiring the filling in of forms.

We also conduct urine drug testing on behalf of employers to determine the presence or absence of illegal substances. We provide both Rapid Drug Screening and ESR (more specific to individual substances and sent to Wellington to be evaluated) as required. Each test incurs its own cost for time, equipment, and processing at MML. We require advanced notice to control test kits for Rapid Drug Screening on days other than Wednesdays.

Audiometry (hearing tests) is also offered as a screening tool which will determine an employee’s level of hearing, taking into account a person’s health history and previous noise exposures. One of our trained Nurses will do the testing and interpret the results. All results are discussed on a personal basis at the time of testing. A referral to a general practitioner or for formal audiology review for further assessment is made where required.

It's important to note that before ESR urine testing can proceed it is the responsibility of the company representative to confirm the company details with ESR for billing purposes. ESR charges allow for the urine to be couriered, processed, and the results sent back to the company.

Pre-employment screening inquiries can be directed to William Barnett. However, please note that drug testing services are presently unavailable in our services at this time.